Are you satisfied with your booking situation, your number of nights?
Would not an increase in booking be very important to you?


I am convinced that one can only market his house profitably through individuality and personal touch. With my many years of experience and practice, your guest will no longer receive standard offers. I will rent your house as if it was mine.

Me and my office Gastein, takes over the entire marketing & booking correspondence individually and online:

  • Ongoing maintenance of your entries on various booking pages,
  • Simplification of your booking correspondence,
  •  Web pages,
  • as well as everything related to advertising and marketing,

I do not charge commission, only the actual working time. Take advantage of your chance to get a better sold house!


A main focus is on the individual advertising & leasing of the individual company.
What makes your business so that the guest books specially your house.


 My work areas in detail:

  • Presentation on the net (rating portals, Google, etc.)
  • Restrictions & availability, sales optimization on the most diverse platforms (, Feratel ...)
  • New websites according to the DSGVO at affordable prices (€ 1.500, -)
  • Logo's - so the recognition value is greater
  • Signatures draft for Outlook to make all email traffic more efficient
  • I take care of the entire room sales and all office / accounting activities online for you.


About me

I was born in 1974 in Schwarzach,after the Volks- / & Hauptschule Bad Gastein.

I attended the Handelsakademie St. Johann.Since 1994 I have been working in a variety of houses, in the area of reservation, marketing & administration.

I was able to successfully complete the study of law with the first stage of my studies.

In 2018 I have the financial accounting assistant in trainingcompleted with great success.


Furthermore, I was able to gain my knowledge through a 3 month wifi course: "New Skills",all efficiency rules, expanding office everyday ideas.


Currently I am taking one Wifi seminar, marketing online, from Mr. Michael Kohlfürst, MBA, CMC from PromoMasters, part of my practical experience.


With 01.10.2018 I am happy, now with the Gastein office to work for you.

Room assistent

In the last 24 years of my practice,
is the desire matured in me an affordable hotel program for small and medium-sized businesses.
I am now looking forward to my knowledge, bundled in

to invest.

A financeable hotel program,

* that for the guest,the facilitated and already    known worldwide booking route takes over (commission-free),

* that can also be connected directly to maintain the availability & restrictions once.

* that in the background- especially for the   landlord -as a hotel program with all necessary functions:

-like room plan,


-invoice modules


-Cash registers paid provided.