Oncetime in Austria!

The 3 most important guest booking hotel programm components united in one programm!



The most important thing of all, a clear, recognizable booking structure for the guest, similar to a worldwide leading program. Book was never so easy.


With not only 1 house picture on the booking side, but also 4 pictures of the rooms / apartments. Certainly the exterior is interesting for the vacation but accustomed and sleeps in the room.

Link directly to the home page, so that the direct booking process can be started.

correspondences programm

A program that is uniquerelies on the individuality of the individual house.


Presentation, pictures, offers, availabilities, all-inclusive pricesquickly transmitted to the guestin programm.

No standard program but individually tailored to each individual house.

Offers, reminder's letters, reservation confirmations, booking / deposit confirmations, arrival mails, evaluation / departure mails, in 3 languages and much more.

hotel programm

An online room plan on all devices (mobile phone, ipad, iphone, mac, windows ...)

All current ONLINE functions for a hotel program for small and medium-sized businesses:

check in, reporting, bills, cash registers connection, lists ...

And all at a really affordable price.