To regenerate bookings today is not always easy for the landlord.

The decision on which accommodation the guest books, due to the large offer in the network todays unfortunately not easy for the guest.


Marketing & Advertising is for me more than increasing sales.

The personality and individuality of the house is crucial and exactly this must not only be presented on the internet but also felt.

Through individuality and perfect positioning on platforms, channel managers and your own homepage - the guest can easily find his perfect holiday destination, for his personal needs, right in your house.

The greatest freedom
you own, is freedom
to every situation to choose your own attitude!


The reservation systems are all very complex and, above all,

they usually have a very similarif not the same principle.


The guest gets from many hotel programs, the same offers,

only changed with text, picture, price.


But with personal email traffic, personal answers,

with the time taken to respond individually to the inquiries,

many more bookings from satisfied guests can increase the number of nights spent.

But not to forgetthat this individuality must also have a certain degree of efficiency.

This combination can be found in my office Gastein, commission-free.

With personality and individuality

we win together more guests

for your house.

You have to take things,
how they come.
And if they do not come,
you have to go to meet them.


Every entrepreneur knows,

his working time is tight, the day should have 48 hours to cater to everyone.


Right here, I grasp your problem at the root, give me exactly these tasks.

Conny - your personal online assistant!