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As the saying goes: "1 valley - 3 places - Gasteinertal" We would like to present ourselves here as supportive and invigorating power of the valley in order to contribute to the increase in overnight stays. will be a landlord's platform for the guest, so it will be easy for the guest to find the perfect holiday accommodation in the beautiful Gastein Valley.

As highlights you will find on our new page then, an online shop about various Gastein clothing, natural products, deco and much more, as well as an entry of our first wedding planner of the valley - Mrs. Jaqueline Schett..     &

Specially for pensions & private rooms, these two platforms are set up with the booking system of is important to us that the annual fee per page of € 99, - net is bookable at a reasonable price.


On these pages are no hotels, which the pensions / private rooms the price dispute.

And especially for construction & assembly companies, there will be a request pool if you are looking for rooms for your employees in the longer term. This gives you the unique opportunity to rent your rooms in the mid-season

An online shop for Austria clothing, including states, is still installed.

We still ask for your understanding that due to the programming work, we will not switch to the new pages until the next months.

Still in progress - future music &


book entries

No matter which platform you are interested in,
simply email us:
or just give me a call 0664-3918039

We create you a tailor made offer!

Online Shop

Gastein apparel & goodies for big and small, directly in our online shop.

You are Gasteiner and have great things to sell, contact us!
We are happy to take thesethen in our shop.

Construction companies

You are a construction & assembly company looking for accommodation for your employees.
Simply email us:
or call us: 0664-3918039.
Throughout Austria the perfect accommodation for your employees.